• Downspout Repair and Replacement

    Downspouts are designed to collect rainwater from the roof of your home and divert it away from your foundation. Over time your downspouts drains become damaged underground from tree roots, ground settling or from not being properly installed. Once this happens water will begin accumulate around your foundation eventually soaking into your basement walls and leaking into your basement. Properly installed and working downspouts can save you thousands in the future.

    We see many downspouts like the picture below that the homeowner or contractor has ran the downspouts in off to surface near the foundation. What happens is at one time or another the drain pipe ran below grade became clogged or damaged. Instead of correcting the problem a quick band aid was place on the issue. In this scenario as water collects in the gutter and runs into the downspout it is dumping into the yard next to the foundation and will eventually leak its way into your basement or cause a structural issue with your foundation.

    Downspout Repair & Replacement in Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio

    The Dry Squad takes pride in resolving your downspout, drainage, basement waterproofing, and foundation issues instead of placing a band aid on the issue. One of our highly skilled team members will come out inspect the downspout drainage pipes and work with you to come up with a customized solution for your problem. If you have noticed water in your basement, stains on you basement floor or wall, or abnormal ground settling around your home you may need your downspouts /drainage tile repaired or replaced.

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