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    We are a full service basement waterproofing contractor serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland and all ofNortheast Ohio. Exterior basement waterproofing or excavating the home from the outside is one way to solve your Akron Canton or Cleveland Ohio wet basement or foundation issue.

    Exterior basement waterproofing is the only true way to waterproof your basement. Although it can be a larger investment then the other methods, it’s the only method that stops water from coming into your basement. Should you decide that excavating your foundation is the proper solution for both your foundation and your bank account the process is actually quite simple.

    The basement walls are dug down to the footer either by hand or with a machine depending on depth size etc. Once the foundation is excavated and the walls have been scraped, our basement waterproofing experts serving Akron Canton and Cleveland Ohio will then inspect the foundation walls looking for any crack in the basement walls. All cracks in the foundation are then repaired. After the cracks are repaired and footer tile is inspected the wall is sealed and back filled with gravel.

    The exterior basement waterproofing or excavation method is ideal for the consumer who is looking for the one true way to waterproof their foundation and is not concerned with the level of investment. Please give us a call at 330-697-2041 or click here today to schedule your Free In Home Consultation