• We have had the most professional and exceptional service with Chris and his team at The Dry Squad. He came highly recommended by my parents and grandparents who have utilized their expertise for services in their basements. We have had our house for sale for a year and we knew there were some areas of our crawl space that needed some updates. We wanted to have someone inspect the area and provide us with a quote and description of the problem areas that needed to be addressed to assist in the sale of our home and updating the crawl space. We called Chris as well as a big national company for an inspection and quote. It was clear from the initial greeting that both companies had 2 very different approaches. The gentleman from the Big company came in and immediately wanted to show us pamphlets, a video demonstration, and suggestions of what they could do to improve our crawl space, without ever stepping foot in the crawl space to see what really was going on. We asked repeatedly for him to go down and take a look, taking pictures to document problem areas. After 45 minutes of refusing to enter the crawl space, he reluctantly went down for 5 minutes and came back up with the same recommendations that he began with, $25,000 to remodel the area with an airtight seal(even though we already had one installed). He provided minimal specifics regarding the crawl space, but rather about the basement system they could provide. When Chris came from the Dry Squad, he immediately asked where the crawl was so he could take a look and see what is going on. Even though he had dress shoes on, he went down into the crawl, got mud on his shoes, and brought me down to point out a variety of areas to be improved upon. He gave us a more than reasonable quote at a FRACTION of the other and plan, with details of the areas we should address and in level of importance. He guided us in understanding the needs of the crawl, and how we could fix them reasonably. We chose The Dry Squad to complete work including, adding perforated piping around the house, tying in downspouts and sump pump, and sealing cracks and waterproofing the foundation. The gentlemen that completed the work were professional, thorough, analytical, and provided detailed explanation as the job was completed. We were beyond satisfied with the work that was completed and will continue to utilize the Dry Squad for all of our basement needs in the future at our new home. We would highly recommend the Dry Squad to anyone looking for quality, professional, and reasonably priced services.

    Rating: Jen & Andre K (February 1, 2016)

  • I am extremely pleased that your company was chosen to resolve our water problem and repairing the crack in the foundation.The excellent work you and your team pefromed deserves a hearty thank you.

    Rating: Andrew J -October 12, 2008 Twinsburg, Ohio

  • Thank you for the time you spent giving me realistic advice and realistic estimate for work to be completed in Parma. Julie's description of you was right. A honest, decent nice guy who will tell you the truth, I hope I can recommend you to someone in the near future.

    Rating: Mike T -April 4, 2013 Parma, Ohio

  • We want to thank you and your team for what they did to our basement. We had water coming on through the walls which made it damp and stinky. They came in and ran a trench, installed a sump pump, and hung a vapor barrier on the walls to direct water to the trench. All this was done in good time. They did a wonderful job covering my floors to prevent damage and keep dirt to a minimum. Your men were every friendly and answered any question we asked. I don't care if it rains I know my basement will be dry and we can now return t to the rec room it was

    Rating: Betty M.-September 20, 2011 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio